Sicanian tastes and knowledge Day Experience

Visit the Sicani area, one of the most authentic place in Sicily, where relationships between people are still genuine.

The tour allows you to enjoy the peculiarities offered by Sant’Angelo Muxaro. It is a walk among the picturesque village lanes with stops, tastings and encounters.

This is not just an excursion, but a dive into a Sicily of the past where human relationships were the mainstay of social life. A basket to fill with emotions and genuine ingredients, through walks, tastings, and encounters with local people.

A dairy stop with tasting of cheeses produced each day by a local family. A bakery stop with a taste of “pani cunzatu ” (bread with local olive oil and pepper), almond cookies and honey, etc. An artisan stop. The tastes and artisinal products are the excuse for the “encounters”. We’ll recount a lesser known Sicily to you through its people.