Palermo No Mafia tour

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Learn about the Mafia and the civil antimafia movement whilst walking through the picturesque historic centre of Palermo. Discover a city that is finally rebelling against the Mafia’s protection racket.


  • Deepen your knowledge of the Mafia phenomenon beyond clichés and myths
  • Discover the past, present and future of the anti-mafia movement 
  • Walk through the streets of Palermo, the city of light and shade


The 3 hours walking tour will be an eye-opening experience to discover a different face of Palermo, a city which is rebelling against the Mafia.

Guided by locals, you will deepen your knowledge of the notorious Sicilian mob and learn about the anti-mafia movement, beyond the Godfather myths

The itinerary in the city center

The Teatro Massimo, the open-air market "Il Capo", the Memorial dedicated to prosecutors and judges killed by the Mafia, the Cathedral, the City Hall and Piazza Pretoria: every stop is a cause for reflection, a chance to mull over the realities of the Mafia and consider the civic movement against Mafioso power.

The ethical consumer campaign 

Along the Cassaro, you will come across with an orange sticker on their windows. Their owners have said NO to paying the extortion racket, or ‘pizzo’, and have joined the mafia-free critical consumption campaign promoted by the grassroots movement Addiopizzo.

You too have tha chance to stop andsupport them with some “good” shopping!

The tour ends in the heart of Palermo old town center: we will give you our tips to continue your visit and to taste the best Sicilian specialties like, "pane con la milza" (sandwich stuffed with beef spleen and ricotta cheese), "arancine" (rice balls), "panelle" (chickpea fritters), "anelletti al forno" (baked ring-shaped pasta), "involtini di melanzane" (eggplant rolls), "sarde a beccafico" (sardine rolls) and the famous Cannoli.

After the tour the travellers say:

  • If you do one thing in Palermo, do this”
  • A portrait of the real mafia”
  • One of the best tours ever!”
  • A myth-busting, Palermo-loving moment of resistance”
  • From now on I will look at mafia movies with different set of eyes”
  • Absolut zu empfehlen. Eindrucksvoll!”
  • Je ne peux que vivement recommander cette visite guidée, indispensable pour n'importe quel touriste de passage à Palerme. ”