Palazzo Adriano

Charming village of the Sicilian inland, immerged in luxuriant nature, Palazzo Adriano was selected by the movie director Giuseppe Tornatore for the movie “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso”, which won the Oscar in 1990 for Best Foreign Language Film.

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  • Biking in Corleone!

    NoMafia Bike Tour

    Self-guided tour in the heart of Sicily. From Palermo to Corleone, places where the Mafia was born and subsequently thrived, the winds of change are blowing. An entire generation of people have said no to the Mafia and are building a new Sicily. We invite you to explore it for yourself, our tour is the ideal way to appreciate and take in the surrounding beauty as you progress gradually through the countryside on your bike. You will feel the satisfaction of achieving your goal day after day, stage after stage.
    • 6 days
    • minimum 2
    • on demand