MuST23 - Station Museum May 23rd

Presentation of the project of the new interactive and immersive museum about the 1992 mafia massacre of Capaci of 1992 and to the memory of the prosecutor Giovanni Falcone.

Capaci (Palermo) - On May 22nd at 10:30 a.m., in the municipal hall "Macine" of Palazzo Conti Pilo, in Piazza Matrice, the press conference for MuST23 - Museum Station May 23rd will take place, followed by a visit to the former Capaci train station where the museum will be established.

The interactive and multimedia museum, promoted by the association Capaci No Mafia ETS and the social cooperative Addiopizzo Travel, aims to create a permanent space for cultural enjoyment, a "living memory" of the massacre that occurred on May 23rd, 1992, which claimed the lives of Judge Falcone, his wife, and three bodyguards. 

MuST23 will be a journey through narratives, immersing visitors in the stories experienced by witnesses during that period. It will be a vivid and colorful account filled with hope and rebirth. It will showcase the resilience of the places, the determination, and the strength of the people of this city who live and commit to the concrete dream of a Capaci... Capable of reacting, rebuilding, and rising again

“The aim of MuST23 is to inform and awaken consciences to foster engagement. Understanding what happened over 30 years ago, when none of today's students were even born, reduces the risk of indifference towards the Mafia” says Dario Riccobono, project manager. “This will be just the starting point of the museum's journey. While Capaci is synonymous with a tragedy for many, starting from that dramatic event becomes a narrative tool to recount how that day also marked a turning point in the so-called '92 generation'. It refers to those young people, both Sicilian and non-Sicilian, who were impacted by that experience and breathed new life into the resistance against the Mafia and the enhancement of the territory. MuST23 will guide the visitor through Falcone's important work, the commitment of civil society, the arrests of the most important bosses, and the Sicilian excellences”.

The former Capaci train station, which loses its original function, will be deconstructed to establish a dialogue through artistic elements, cultural and conceptual references, and interactive multimedia technologies. This is the project envisioned by the artistic director Daví Lamastra, who states: “MuST23 is conceived as the score of an opera that guides visitors through sounds and images, colors and words that can engage and stimulate everyone's commitment. Among these signs, there is a direct exchange where past, present, and future intersect in a nexus of hope that seems to transcend the harsh law of every human destiny”. 

MuST23, according to Capaci No Mafia and Addiopizzo Travel, aims to be an open and participatory project that has already gained the support of numerous institutions and partners. Invitalia, as part of the Cultura Crea 2.0 measure, has funded the first step of the project, and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana has granted the spaces of the former Capaci train station for free use. 

The press conference will be attended by: Simone Gamberini - National President of Legacoop; Vittorio Fresa - Responsible for Cultura Crea - Invitalia; Diego Ciulli - Head of Government Affairs and Public Policy - Google Italia (with a video message); Rino Cascio - Chief Editor TGR Sicilia Rai; Pietro Puccio - Mayor of Capaci; Filippo Nani - President of FERPI - Italian Public Relations Federation; Donato Montibello - Mediterranei cooperative. 

As part of the press conference, the crowdfunding campaign connected to the completion of MuST23's first objective will be presented. The project, in fact, encompasses a broader territorial and cultural redevelopment with an international scope while still maintaining the grassroots philosophy of collective initiative.

A Dialogue Between Social Art, Technology, Ethics, and Aesthetics. 

MuST23 is memory, experience, and the creation of the future. It is the place to pause and the moment to restart. Artist-composer Daví Lamastra approaches the story of Giovanni Falcone and May 23, 1992, with a different perspective, one that, from the ashes of a dramatic explosion, deconstructs space and time to create possibilities.

The physical location of the former station, on a hill overlooking the sea just a few steps away from the site of the massacre, becomes an open space, a collective performance that builds civic consciousness and culture upon memory. Thanks to the work of researchers, analysts, graphic designers, sound designers, programmers, architects, engineers, and skilled workers coordinated by artistic director Daví Lamastra, documents and testimonies come to life in a large-scale art installation that finds a new balance between information, ethics, and vision.

Numbers, dates, and words emerge in a maze of facts, people, thoughts, tragedies, betrayals, dreams, and hopes. Anyone can traverse the artwork to understand - and feel - the complexity of the challenge undertaken by Giovanni Falcone, the investigating magistrate in that trial with Paolo Borsellino.

The use of new technologies (virtual reality, NFTs, biometrics) combines with the magic of the place to offer a multisensory experience: the rugged beauty of the landscape with the wind, the sea, and the passage of days and seasons, multimedia testimonials, integrated sounds and colors guided by skillful artistic direction will form the pulsating heart of MuST23, constantly enriched with new creative energy during each visit.

Visitors, in fact, transform and are transformed, questioning what truly was, what we have become, who we are today, and above all, who we want to be tomorrow, participating in a collective performative art action. A play of videos and references will prompt the spectActors to choose what they are + Capable of... embracing, confronting, changing, composing... dreaming, flying, desiring.

The past becomes the future, memory becomes consciousness and action. The geography of emotions also changes. And Capaci, the location of the massacre, becomes, through the eyes of MuST23's visitors, the vision of the better world that we are Capable of creating.