Guido Agnello

Sicilian entrepreneur, dynamic and prolific with ideas, he is the creator of the brand “La Coppola Storta”, which is a commercial and cultural operation aimed to give back to the Sicilian people a garment that symbolizes the identity of an entire people, and that has been usurped for too long by the mafia.

TRAVELTOUR You can meet Guido Agnello in these tours:

  • Sicily: beyond the Godfather

    What do you know about Sicily? What was it, what is it now? Who are the Sicilians? And what is the Mafia? A study trip targeted to foreign students, meant to propose our answers to these and many other questions. An eye-opening experience, as Sicily can be a key to interpret our present.
    • 8 days
    • minimum 20
    • 18 - 99years
  • Palermo NoMafia

    Learn about the Mafia and the civil antimafia movement whilst walking through the picturesque historic centre of Palermo. Discover a city that is finally rebelling against the Mafia’s protection racket.
    • 1 days
    • minimum 1
    • Thursday and Saturday