Palermo Theater Noir - A Death Show

A descent into the underworld of history, in the days when the fires of the Inquisition and hangings of the condemned were popular shows. Among the pages of novelists, the other grim and gloomy face of the city of Palermo is revealed. A tour to discover the dark face side of Palermo's history.

The auto da fe means the stake, Piazza Marina and the bustle of the big events: the authorities, the guards, the sellers of water and "Zammù", boiled octopus, candy and prickly pears...
(Dacia Maraini, The Long Life of the Silent Duchess)

From the prison of Palazzo Steri to the Vicaria, through the alleys of the old town to the Municipal Archives, you will be accompanied by a guide and the voices of writers - Leonardo Sciascia, Dacia Maraini, Luigi Natoli - who described the atrocious and utterly theatrical horror of Justice.