The Sea by the City

For centuries it has enchanted illustrious writers and travelers. Then for decades it remained hidden, denied from sight, erased from the imagination. Today Palermo sees the sea once again.

At three in the afternoon, with effort and hard work, we finally enter the port, where we are presented with the most charming of views... On the right Monte Pellegrino, with its elegant outline in full light, on the left the stretch of coast, broken by bays, peninsulas and promontories...
(Wolfgang Goethe, Journey in Sicily)

A tour guide will accompany you for a nice literary walk on the sites of the Sea of Palermo: Castello a Mare, the ancient port of Cala, Piazza Marina, Porta Felice, the walls of the Cattive and the Nautoscopio. It is an invitation to look at the horizon through the eyes of Goethe, Maupassant and Tomasi di Lampedusa.