Palermo off the beaten tracks

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Enjoy the atmosphere of a multiethnic city. Discover the history of Palermo, a meltingpot of different culture since the Arabs, Normans, Spanish and many others have lived here. Learn about the Mafia and the civil antimafia movement whilst walking through the picturesque historic centre of Palermo. Discover a city that you’ll never forget!


  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the multiethnic old center!
  • Walk between the highlight spot and the secret alleys,you will retrace the origin of the different cultures cohexisting in Palermo
  • Meet the shopkeepers who have said NO to paying the pizzo
  • Embrace the colorful atmosphere at Ballarò market
Which famous movie was shooted on the stairs of  the Teatro Massimo?
Why local people are ashamed of the gorgeous fountain in front of the City Hall?
Have you ever tasted fruit and street food at the open-air market "Ballarò"?
Every stop is a cause for reflection, a chance to discover true stories and curiosities about the most interesting unconventional and colorful city of the Mediterranean see!

Along the tour you will meet shopkeepers who have said NO to paying the pizzo, who have subscribed to the ethical consumer campaign ‘Pago chi non paga’ (I pay who does not pay). This campaign is promoted by Addiopizzo to support those that have decided to rebel against the Mafia.