Antimafia Bike Tour

The old town, the waterfront, Via Libertà, the 'Falcone Tree' Memorial: pedal along 12 kilometers between the center and the outskirts to discover the city that is reborn and will never forget its past.

Riding through the pedestrian areas of the old town center of Palermo and along the cycle lanes that connect it with the outskirts, you will discover how Palermo is changing 'inside and outside', healing from the wounds inflicted by the violence of the Mafia which reached its peak with the massacres of 1992.

This tour is a tribute to the memory of heroes like the prosecutors Falcone and Borsellino, whose murders pushed the Sicilian people to react against the Mafia and inspired collective action of a whole generation of antimafia campaigners. Young people today are still committed to improving society and making change, volunteering in grass-roots movements like Libera and Addiopizzo.

The terrain is mainly flat, mostly on cycle paths and bike lanes. Neverthless it is a urban bike tour, so please expect to ride on roads opened to vehicular traffic as well. We recommend that all the participants, especially children, are confortable in riding the bike in town.

The itinerary outlined on this page is subject to slight changes depending on the opening hours of certain museums and restaurants as well as the availability of the people you will meet during the trip.


  • ride your bike along the alleys of Palermo and by the docks of the harbour
  • explore the suburbs, well connected to the center through cycle paths
  • learn who Falcone e Borsellino were and why they mean so much for the Sicilians
  • discover the grass-roots anti-mafia movement 'Addiopizzo' and its ethical consumerism campaign supporting those who refuse to pay protection money
  • savour a handmade and award-winning gelato, totally 'mafia-free' 
  • go shopping at the Libera shop that sells products from the land confiscated from the mafia bosses


This tour was wonderful. We saw and learned many things that we wouldn’t have otherwise