No Mafia Memorial: the first phase completed

Mayor Leoluca Orlando has officially presented the keys of Palazzo Gulì to Umberto Santino, the president of Centro Impastato. It is here where the antimafia museum of Palermo will be born. Project partners to include both Comitato Addiopizzo and Addiopizzo Travel.

Palazzo Gulì lies in Palermo’s Cassaro zone on the main street of Palermo’s historic center. This is the location chosen for the No Mafia Memorial, a new cultural institution recount the history of the mafia and that of the struggles against it, acknowledging the impact that the mafia has had on the area. In addition the center will give a voice to some of the lesser known achievements of the antimafia history and offer reflections and interpretations that will be relevant for a broad audience including Palermo residents, Italians from other regions and tourists from abroad. It will be a safe space where new ideas and strategies of liberation from the mafia can be born with the aim of contributing to a new collective identity and making social change happen.

The No mafia Memorial is supported by the Centro Impastato, the Comune di Palermo, national partners like Rai Television and Banca Etica as well as a network of local third sector partners including Addiopizzo, Casa Memoria Felicia and Peppino Impastato and over 150 families of victims, students, teachers, magistrates, journalists and representatives of other associations and foundations.

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