Why you should book a place on our Palermo NoMafia tour!

Read what Charlotte Higgins thinks about Palermo and our NoMafia tour in her article for Travel and Leisure, ‘Why you should book a trip to Palermo now, before the rest of the world does’.

A few months back, author and travel writer Charlotte Higgins took part in our Palermo NoMafia tour. On this tour we take people around the historical center of Palermo, stopping at key places to tell the story of the antimafia movement and also to show the beauty of the city. Higgins has written about her experience with us as part of a recently published article for Travel and Leisure magazine: "Why you should book a trip to Palermo now, before the rest of the world does" . Her article captures some of the history, culture and beauty of the city, in it she writes,

There’s a new spirit of optimism in the Sicilian capital, where the hardships of past generations are fading into memory. Travelers can see enlivened city streets, new museums, and renovated palazzi to find a city ready to show a fresh face to the world.

It is important for us that the story of the city’s success continues to be shared by influential media outlets such as Travel and Leisure magazine. By visiting Palermo as a journalist or tourist you can support the cities ongoing regeneration and help to reimagine its international image.

You can find more information about this tour and others like it on the ‘Tours & Activities page of our website. If you would like to book a place on our Palermo NoMafia tour you can do it  online or give us a call.