No Mafia: Let's Give Color to our Dreams

Celebration in Capaci (Palermo) on the 21st of May, two days before the anniversary of the massacre that in 1992 killed the prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, his wife and his bodyguards.

The event will be divided in two different moments: the first is emotional and symbolic, the second is a very informative follow-up.
5:00 pm: Meeting on "Giardino della Memoria", the place of the massacre of Capaci. From there, we will move all together to the area from where the mafiosi activated the remote explosive that killed Falcone. This place is now known as “Casina No Mafia” because of the writing on its wall. The event consists in re-painting the words “NO MAFIA”. Every single letter will represent a specific field of social committment: “N” stays for “No Mafia”, O for “Occupazione” (=emplojment), “M” for “Migrations”, “A” for “Art” and so on. Some personalities, who shine in each specific field, have been selected to symbolically paint the connected letter.
9:00 pm: Capaci, Piazza Matrice. There will be a projection of historical videos and a debate with an anti-mafia prosecutor, an investigative reporter, an artist who is actively involved in the cause and a representative of the social antimafia movements. They will offer an analysys of the anti-mafia struggle during the last 25 years, its success and its impasses. We will try to shed some extra light on a case and a season that is still unclear, as it is full of misteries and throwing off tacks.