Discover Sicily and support the fight against the Mafia!

Addiopizzo Travel provides ethical tours of Sicily. We do this by taking tourists to those businesses who have said “no” to the Mafia’s requests for protection money. The name given to this protection money is ‘Pizzo’, join us and you will travel “mafia-free” and ‘pizzo-free’!

We can cater to your specific needs and in consultation with you we will design a tour that suits your requirements. Some tour examples can be found here: educational tours for students as well as for adults.

Whilst taking in the beauty and culture of the area you can expect to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants that have rebelled against the Mafia and are members of the “protection money-free guarantee list” identified by the distinctive Addiopizzo logo displayed in premises windows. You will also visit farms whose fields have been confiscated from Mafia bosses.

Travel with us, and you will be the protagonists in an exciting and revolutionary adventure. You will also be contributing to the honest economic development of Sicily and helping the fight against organised crime.

Addiopizzo tours are not only ethical. They are also beautiful: our tours will show you the natural, cultural and artistic beauty of our island. But unlike most conventional tours, we will also show you Sicily’s hidden side, the struggle of our people against the power of the Mafia. Travel with us and you will become part of this struggle.