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Via Cammarata 47/49Corleone (PA)

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Palazzo Triolo is a charming residence located in the historic center of Corleone and is located on what was once the main street of the village. The main structure can be traced back to the end of 1700; it was not born as a single building but is the result of several annexations of neighboring buildings that led the building in the period of maximum development to occupy almost the entire block. 

The residence has belonged to the Favaloro family present in Corleone since the first half of 1700 and, later, from the early nineteenth century to the Triolo heirs. Recently restored with the care and refinement of the details, thanks to the skill of local artisans, has kept intact the strong original personality and today offers its guests a pleasant stay in a refined, elegant and comfortable. 

Palazzo Triolo is a luxury residence, offering four bedrooms including two suites on the main floor and two rooms in the towers, equipped with high standards of hospitality and exclusive services. The rooms are furnished with period furniture and valuable accessories and tell the story of the family. 

The house is also equipped with a spa for the exclusive use of guests.

A space within the structure, hosts some cultural realities that testify, with their research and documentation, the active commitment, even of the younger generations, to encourage paths of cultural renewal and growth of the territory. 

Today the Palace represents a modern and dynamic reality, pulsating with activities of all kinds: conferences, seminars, cultural events, concerts, exhibitions; it also has a widespread library.


  • Lia Room: Patronal Room of Palazzo Triolo. It consists of a bedroom with double bed, bathroom and a large living room/ study for moments of relaxation. 
  • Fabrizia Room: Room located on the main floor of Palazzo Triolo. It consists of a double bedroom, bathroom, living room with small family chapel.
  • Claudia Room: Room located in the tower of the building. It consists of a bedroom with double bed, balcony and private terrace for wonderful moments of relaxation and private bathroom.
  • Giulia Room: Located in the tower of Palazzo Triolo. It consists of a bedroom with double bed and private bathroom. The Room offers a wonderful view of the "Castello Sottano".


Lia Room and Fabrizia Room: 190€ 

Claudia and Giulia room: 160€


  • air con
  • wifi in common areas
  • bed linen and towels
  • spa - wellness center
  • courtesy kit
  • hair dryer
  • wifi in each room
  • library
  • desk / workspace

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The best way to get to Corleone, therefore, is by car, this will give you the freedom to explore the surrounding nature reserves at your leisure.

From Palermo: Take the fast-track road to Agrigento to the junction of Bolognetta. Head towards Marineo (S.S. 118) and follow the signs for Corleone.

From Catania: Take the A19 Catania-Palermo motorway to the junction that leads onto the fast-track road to Agrigento. Head towards Marineo (S.S. 118) and follow the signs for Corleone.

From Agrigento: Take the Agrigento-Palermo fast road to the junction for Lercara Friddi. From Lercara take the S.S. 118 in the direction of Filaga (junction) and Prizzi (junction) and continue to Corleone.

From Trapani: Take the A29 Trapani-Palermo motorway to the junction for Partinico. From Partinico continue on the provincial road n.4 for S. Giuseppe Jato and then on the provincial road n.2 for Corleone.